Old Newspaper WordPress Theme, Smiley

Version History



The bonus update. Made as a reward for our very first patrons.

  • New selector in the Customizer: Show featured images on Front Page, in the Article, or Both.
  • If the screen is more than 1600px wide, the newspaper now gets nicely centred with some smooth drop-shadows along the edges – just like in real life.
  • A handful of typographical changes for better readability.



The keyword of this update is options. We added a bunch of more options for the user, along with a design overhaul. Here are the details.

  • Added automatic infinite scroll for mobile devices that supports it. Others will still have a button to tap. Made sure infinite scroll works on super large screens.
  • Some design changes: Read more buttons in front page grid flattened, quite a bit of redesign in the header, "Notice" post type in front page grid is changed.
  • Made an option for menu area to move up with the page – out of view – when you scroll down, instead of being fixed to the top.
  • Made an option for the first post in front page grid not to be larger than the others.
  • Made an option to have widgets in a sidebar visible across the site, instead of in dropdown area. However, on mobile all widgets will always stay in the dropdown.
  • Fixed unfortunate bug that made you unable to select text. Also changed the old yellow selected text color to dark gray for a more neutral approach.
  • “Notice” post type now uses the same post template in single view as “Breaking News.” Too much dark gray lines upon lines in the old version.
  • Made a new menu that lay horizontally in the header. On mobile, this is combined with the main menu in the dropdown area.
  • Changed lead and blockquote style for “Breaking News” post type to match the bold headline.
  • Added cite tag styling for all blockquotes.
  • Let FB pick share image on single articles automatically instead of forcing the default, when you're not using featured image.
  • Restructured the customizer.



Mostly bug fixes. A few minor design changes—biggest of them being retina ready images.

  • Fixed broken link that made it impossible to upload a personal custom sharing image.
  • Fixed a bug where the Facebook sharing text broke under certain conditions.
  • Fixed so there's opportunity for hand-crafted excerpts in the Facebook sharing. (Earlier I accidentally overwrote it with the custom made.)
  • Renamed the yellowish color scheme to Oxidized instead of Oxidated—which is proper grammar.
  • Made the post footer more subtle.
  • Toned down the crisp black in the White color scheme.
  • Upsized the custom image sizes to look better on retina.



Creating three color themes/ schemes, possibility for logo image in header ++.

  • Three color themes to choose from. Gray Default, Yellow Oxidized and Black & White only.
  • Possibility to add your logo to the header instead of font.
  • Possibility to change the header font to a more legible typeface.
  • Full control of whether to show/ hide tagline (slogan) both in mobile and desktop.
  • Fixed bug causing a too large space between articles on some mobile devices.
  • A slight upgrade in SEO.
  • Added a "No search results" text when search returns empty. (As opposed to no message at all).
  • Quite a bit of typography changes. The biggest being changing sub headers from all uppercase to regular.
  • Changed "related posts" cards so that the hover doesn't cover everything. Now you can see what you're clicking as you're clicking it.



Adding better navigation around the theme ++.

  • Added cards with next and previous + related articles in the bottom of every article.
  • Added "No comments yet" text below comment field if there are no comments.
  • Added footer option in Customizer. You may add a rich text, and it will show as a footer below every article.
  • Minor typography changes.



The theme is rewritten from the start. 1.0 is sentenced to death. Most everything is changed.