Old Newspaper WordPress Theme, Smiley

Version History



Squashing one large bug. Adding a bonus.

  • Fixes a major bug that came to the surface with the last update, that caused parts of the admin system to be unresponsive.
  • Added compression to all graphics packed with the theme, to increase speed.



Ensuring compatibility with WordPress 5.5

  • Fixed bugs with the infinite scroll, that arose when updating to WordPress 5.5.



"Space Cowboys"

  • Two new complete styles with own typefaces and color schemes: Space Style and Western Style.
  • Three new color schemes: Dark Gray, Natural Paper, Cream Paper.
  • Handwritten typeface alternative for banner and titles.
  • Boxed mode for desktop.
  • New post format "Image," for ornamental images directly in the feed with no meta information. Can link externally or internally.
  • Opportunity to add text to the tagline in header. For example "Issue 207."
  • Gutenberg's Social Media Links Block is fitted to the theme.
  • Hamburger icon is now slicker.
  • Improved error messages on comments.
  • Polished up the colors for most color schemes.
  • Polished the look of the main menu (the one inside the dropdown).
  • Notice (Status) post type in front page grid is smaller, border is thinner, and image caption from featured image is removed.
  • First post in grid is now only one column of text.
  • Changed to using default image sizes, dropping the "ONP Small," and "ONP Full Width," to make the transition easier if you transition to or from another theme. Now you use "Medium", and "Large" instead.
  • Cleaned up a lot of margin and spacing issues in articles, coming from the transition to Gutenberg.
  • BUG FIX: Tagline is now visible by default.
  • BUG FIX: Sidebar no longer intrudes on mobile under certain conditions.



"Buttons, Buttons, Buttons" — This update focuses on giving you more control over your theme and a smoother overall experience. A handful of cosmetic upgrades are also included.

  • New dropdown menu in Customizer -> Theme Setup: Show sidebar on 'Front Page' or 'Articles & Pages' or 'Both' or 'Always Inside Dropdown Menu'.
  • New checkbox in the Customizer -> Theme Setup: "Bypass Front Page Text Truncation." Show all texts with their full content on the front page. This option also exist within every single post.
  • Made sure the defaults in the Customizer work as intended when Theme is freshly installed.
  • New checkbox in the Customizer -> Post Setup: "Constrain Featured Image Width." Constrains the width of all featured images to the article width.
  • Featured images now stretch by default to a maximum of their own pixel width, instead of being forced to stretch to full width.
  • Many radio buttons in the Customizer have been changed into dropdowns for a cleaner overview.
  • Added a "Load Earlier Posts" button, for users who land at another page than the first of the infinite scroll, arriving by link.
  • Categories and Tags pages now list the same way as front page, with a title above the listing. Search pages remains the same to get a clear overview.
  • Top Menu is now visible on mobile as a vertical scrollbar instead of being tucked inside of dropdown, allowing you to keep those top picks right there in the users face (which is the idea behind this menu).
  • New dynamic commenting system.
  • Related posts now display in a slider on mobile.
  • 'Lead' and 'Note' shortcodes are now available as Gutenberg blocks through a free plugin. (Shortcodes still works.)
  • Custom names for post formats no longer work, so now "Breaking News" is just "Aside", and "Notice" is just "Status."
  • Design Change: Buttons are redesigned to stand out better.
  • Design Change: Tags and Categories' section got a facelift.
  • Design Change: The 'Note' Gutenberg Block is more subtle.
  • Design Change: Updated the main serif typeface, mainly because of kerning issues with the old one, but also because (we think) the new one has more personality. With this change, the image captions were also changed to this typeface.
  • Design Change: Gutenberg buttons are styled to fit the theme.
  • Design Change: Read more buttons on front page are now only links, and the featured images are clickable.
  • Design Change: Many minor adjustments.
  • Bug Fix: Excerpts now show on the front page if they exist.
  • Bug Fix: All sub menus now stay closed when you open the parent sub menu.
  • Documentation: Added a “Menus” page to the documentation, and updated the old pages.



Small bug fixes.

  • Fixed bug where under certain conditions a drop shadow ended up laying across the middle of the header.
  • Fixed totally bugged out header under the conditions of using a 1) picture as logo, 2) non-fixed header, and 3) being on mobile.



The bonus update. Made as a reward for our very first patrons.

  • New selector in the Customizer: Show featured images on Front Page, in the Article, or Both.
  • If the screen is more than 1600px wide, the newspaper now gets nicely centred with some smooth drop-shadows along the edges – just like in real life.
  • A handful of typographical changes for better readability.



The keyword of this update is options. We added a bunch of more options for the user, along with a design overhaul. Here are the details.

  • Added automatic infinite scroll for mobile devices that supports it. Others will still have a button to tap. Made sure infinite scroll works on super large screens.
  • Some design changes: Read more buttons in front page grid flattened, quite a bit of redesign in the header, "Notice" post type in front page grid is changed.
  • Made an option for menu area to move up with the page – out of view – when you scroll down, instead of being fixed to the top.
  • Made an option for the first post in front page grid not to be larger than the others.
  • Made an option to have widgets in a sidebar visible across the site, instead of in dropdown area. However, on mobile all widgets will always stay in the dropdown.
  • Fixed unfortunate bug that made you unable to select text. Also changed the old yellow selected text color to dark gray for a more neutral approach.
  • “Notice” post type now uses the same post template in single view as “Breaking News.” Too much dark gray lines upon lines in the old version.
  • Made a new menu that lay horizontally in the header. On mobile, this is combined with the main menu in the dropdown area.
  • Changed lead and blockquote style for “Breaking News” post type to match the bold headline.
  • Added cite tag styling for all blockquotes.
  • Let FB pick share image on single articles automatically instead of forcing the default, when you're not using featured image.
  • Restructured the customizer.



Mostly bug fixes. A few minor design changes—biggest of them being retina ready images.

  • Fixed broken link that made it impossible to upload a personal custom sharing image.
  • Fixed a bug where the Facebook sharing text broke under certain conditions.
  • Fixed so there's opportunity for hand-crafted excerpts in the Facebook sharing. (Earlier I accidentally overwrote it with the custom made.)
  • Renamed the yellowish color scheme to Oxidized instead of Oxidated—which is proper grammar.
  • Made the post footer more subtle.
  • Toned down the crisp black in the White color scheme.
  • Upsized the custom image sizes to look better on retina.



Creating three color themes/ schemes, possibility for logo image in header ++.

  • Three color themes to choose from. Gray Default, Yellow Oxidized and Black & White only.
  • Possibility to add your logo to the header instead of font.
  • Possibility to change the header font to a more legible typeface.
  • Full control of whether to show/ hide tagline (slogan) both in mobile and desktop.
  • Fixed bug causing a too large space between articles on some mobile devices.
  • A slight upgrade in SEO.
  • Added a "No search results" text when search returns empty. (As opposed to no message at all).
  • Quite a bit of typography changes. The biggest being changing sub headers from all uppercase to regular.
  • Changed "related posts" cards so that the hover doesn't cover everything. Now you can see what you're clicking as you're clicking it.



Adding better navigation around the theme ++.

  • Added cards with next and previous + related articles in the bottom of every article.
  • Added "No comments yet" text below comment field if there are no comments.
  • Added footer option in Customizer. You may add a rich text, and it will show as a footer below every article.
  • Minor typography changes.



The theme is rewritten from the start. 1.0 is sentenced to death. Most everything is changed.