The Old News­­paper Word­­Press Theme, Second Edition, is Re­leased

March 3, 2017 ·

Ernest Hare Reading a Newspaper
Ernest Hare is reading a newspaper — an old one.

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme grew from a few simple ideas. First of all: Old newspapers look good. Second: it should not be too cluttered, and focus on the reading experience—like an old newspaper. Thirdly: I simply wanted to make a WordPress theme.

The theme is aiming to capture the feeling of holding a classic newspaper in your lap. Those large headlines, and that tightly fitted grid on the front page. Your room almost turns Black & White around you—(hopefully not). In this digital version of that paper, the article grid is responsive, refitting the news articles as your resize your browser. You may sit with a smartphone in your lap instead, but the feeling is still there. When your eyes have passed across the grid of articles, you select one that entices you, and enter into the reading experience.

The Reading Experience

Text is after all the main focus of newspapers (especially the really old ones back when they didn’t have a single image). This WordPress theme does support images though (of course)—large breaking-news kind of header images. Our aim in this newspaper theme is that when you enter into the text, it will be only you and the news story. Therefore there are no sidebars or other distractions as your are in the middle of reading, but they reappear at the bottom listing a couple of newspaper articles related to what you just read.

If you write stories or news, or if your web presence is about the vintage, retro and the classic, this WordPress Theme may fit you perfectly. (Yes it is a WordPress theme, so if you don’t have the WordPress, you don’t buy the theme.)

In case you are entirely new to this, WordPress is a free blogging platform. Most domain providers provide a simple way to set up a WordPress site free of charge (though they charge you for the domain).

The Second Old Newspaper WordPress Theme

There was a first Old Newspaper WordPress Theme, and as I started writing number two, I scrapped that old one and started from scratch. When I wrote the first one, I had not idea what I was doing, but this time I relearned WordPress from the bottom up and was able to create it to my liking.

Now in the second version we have changed up quite a bit, but stuck with the same newspaper feel. Go to the category About Old Newspaper if you want to see an overview of the documentation. In the bottom of each documentation-article, you will find a link to the next one, and get a good overview over all the functionality this WordPress Theme offers.

Otherwise take a look at the demo’s front page, and look into the different posts you find there to see for yourself.

A new version has been released after this, now also featuring three different newspaper styles.

And last but not least. Please leave a comment with your feedback. I don’t care if it’s angry, if only I can take it and use it to develop the theme further in the future.

Young Girl Reading Old Newspaper – Old Newspaper WordPress Theme

A young girl is reading a newspaper featuring the moon landing on the front page.

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