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June 21, 1995 ·

We made two Gutenberg Blocks that we think are essential for writing articles. They are also available as Shortcodes.

Since we are going to use these on each and every theme we make, we packaged them as a free plugin. So you’ll have to head over to our download link and install it from there.

After you’ve installed the plugin you will have the two new blocks available in your block editor. They will be called “Lead” and “Note.”

Lead and Note Gutenberg Plugin, for the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme
The “Lead” and “Note” blocks that you see comes from our plugin.

The “Lead” Block

In most real newspapers, every article starts with a lead. Often they feature a bit bigger typeface, and are often written in italics, and introduce the content of the article in a summary form. This article was introduced using the Lead Block.

If you are not using Gutenberg, the Shortcode is still available, and it writes like this:

[lead]This is an especially nice lead for an article that will blow your mind.[/lead]

The “Note” Block

If you have some secondary information you want to pop into the middle of the article without disrupting the flow, you use the Note Block.

Here is a piece of info, that readers easily can skim over, but also easily find, if they need it right now.

The Shortcode version was (and is) called “info,” as a leftover from before we standardized this across all our themes.

Write like this:

[info]This is an info that does not fit into the article itself, so it is boxed in.[/info]

The Documentation Overview below uses the Note Block.

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