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June 21, 1995 ·

We have made a couple of shortcodes for the Old Newspaper WordPress theme. Shortcodes are small codes you as an editor can enter into the text to get a different style on that particular block of text. Like the lead that you are currently reading.

The first shortcode is the “lead”. It is the one who styles the first paragraph of a traditional newspaper article. You write it like this:

[lead]This is an especially nice lead for an article that will blow your mind.[/lead]

The Information Box

The second shortcode is the information box, called “info”. It is if you have some information that is not really a part of the article and needs to pop out. A good example is:

This article in its full length can be read on some other website.

To use it, write like this:

[info]This is an info that does not fit into the article itself, so it is boxed in.[/info]

The Documentation Overview below uses an info shortcode.

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