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A WordPress Theme Looking Like an Old Newspaper

Old Newspaper is Ready for 2019

April 12, 2018 ·

Retro never went out of fashion. Whether you want to go back to the 80’s or all the way back to when newspaper front pages were only covered in text and no pictures, Old Newspaper WordPress Theme provides the tools for you to build your dream paper! Now with more options than ever.

What we’ve noted over and over from your feedback, is the want for more freedom to customize. So in this theme we have focused on checkboxes that gives you the ability to move the layout around as you are checking and unchecking.

The Header Menu

The most anticipated feature for this version, is the menu in the top of the header. It is a new menu, so you still have your old menu tucked away in the dropdown, and you may customize this top menu to only feature your most important pages—allowing for you to control exactly what’s visible and what’s not.

Keep it short and simple.

In mobile, this menu will be packed together with your primary menu in the dropdown area.

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme Header Area
Header view with the top menu utilized. Note how it pushes the logo to the left. You also see a glimpse of a visible sidebar beside the article grid—keep reading to learn more about that.

Classic Sidebar and More Options

You wanted a sidebar that is visible all across the site. Well, you may choose yourself now. In the customizer you can now check and uncheck three boxes that changes bits and pieces of the layout:

  • Keep Widget Area In Dropdown: Uncheck this to have your widgets in a classic visible sidebar on every page of your site. Though on mobile it will always stay in dropdown anyhow.
  • Fix Header To Top: If you uncheck this, the header area will no longer stay fixed to the top when you scroll down, allowing for the articles to take up a bit more screen real estate.
  • First Post Is Larger: Uncheck this to have all posts in the front page post grid be the same size.

I hope you feel more free now, but don’t hesitate to let your other needs be heard!

Design Overhaul

The “Notice” post type is totally changed, and the theme now has overall less sharp lines and instead more contrasts in order to show separation. You’ll notice the buttons on the front page being flattened for example.

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme post types.
The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme post types, “Notice”, “Breaking News”, and “Standard.”

Feed Us!

We thrive on feedback! You build this theme and make it turn into something even better! Thank you for all you’ve said out loud so we could work with it, and don’t ever stop telling us what you desire from the theme!

Also, if you’ve used the theme for a while, we would love for you to write us a review. It helps us be rank better in Google searches, and builds trust with new users, so I can’t express how much that means to us!

Here are two outtakes. Thanks a lot for the reviews!

“Great theme, its ease of use and simple elegance makes it a pleasure to work with.”
P. Satyamurthy

P. Satyamurthy


“Their ‘Old Newspaper’ theme is, in my humble opinion the best out there without a doubt.”


Best of luck with using the theme!

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