Newspaper Styles For Every Taste in Old Newspaper WordPress Theme v2.2

November 17, 2017 ·

The three styles of Old Newspaper WordPress Theme
The three styles currently available in Old Newspaper WordPress Theme.

Want your WordPress theme to feel like an old newspaper? Say no more! The latest update of the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme is here, with the largest of it’s new features being no less than three different color schemes.

After having the former version out a long time, we got a lot of incredibly on-point feedback from our users. How is a newspaper supposed to feel when converted into a website? Well, clearly you know how!

The feature requests that kept coming back to us from several sources have now been implemented as we release version 2.2 of the Old NewsPaper WordPress Theme.

You are currently in the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme demo. It can be bought and downloaded here.

Finally With an Oxidized Newspaper Look

My personal —among these new ones—is the oxidized color scheme. Inspired by these really old yellow, oxidized newspapers that many of us use for decoration. I finally I took the time to dig deep into the WordPress code to create a theming system. Then I went on to design two additional color themes—or schemes if you like.

Now that the theming system is place it is easy to explore more newspaper styles in the future, so don’t hold back on your ideas. Share them with us, and they may very well be featured in the next release. After all, you are the ones who want to get your newspapers merged into WordPress.

The Biggest Changes

Three Newspaper Related Color Themes

Our WordPress theme now have three color schemes to choose from. The classic old gray that I use on this page, which is the default color scheme. Then we have the new yellow oxidized paper type, and in addition, one that features 100% black to 100% white with a few gray tones in between.

Before setting up your WordPress site and launching a bunch of articles, i recommend you to choose a style and stick with it. The gray theme works great with black & white pictures. The yellow/brown oxidized theme works great with sepia/brownish pictures. Both of these may work well with full color pictures, depending on the quality and color of the picture. However the white theme probably works the best with full color pictures.

Changes in the Header

As well as changing the color scheme you can also choose between two different typefaces in the header, or upload your own logo, all using WordPress’ own customizer. You can also choose whether to show or hide the tagline (slogan) on mobile, desktop or both.

So altogether you can pick a style that suits you.

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with Gray color Scheme.
Using our own logo in the header together with the Gray color theme that is the default.
Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with Oxidized color Scheme.
Using the default “Teutonic” typeface in the header, together with the Oxidized color theme.
Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with White color scheme.
This is the White color theme together with the secondary font “Fjalla One” in the header.

Typography Changes

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme is constantly being looked at and reiterated. Some of the small, final touches really takes time to get right, and with this theme update, I think we improved the typography significantly.

The most significant of these changes is that the sub headers are no longer all uppercase, a bit smaller and bolded. Also font sizes and article width have been slightly adjusted to fit different screen sizes better.

And Then…

We also fixed a few smaller bugs. A slight SEO upgrade has been made to make WordPress take your content, and serve it better to google and when shared in social media. For full details, see the version history, on the card titled “v2.2”.

All in all. I hope you like this new release, and am happy to receive all kind of feedback that will help us get better. Thanks to all you WordPressers that has reached out to us so far!

You are currently in the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme demo. The newspaper theme can be bought and downloaded here.
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