News­paper Post Formats

January 5, 2017 ·

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features three different post formats in addition to the standard — four in all. Each to resemble a real life newspaper article or ad style.

The Formats

Post Format “Aside”: Breaking News

A Newspaper Article With a Breaking News Headline
A classic example of a breaking news headline.

This style has a thick in-your-face typeface for the titles, which is a really classic way of making a newspaper article pop. This style, of course, needed to be a part of the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme, and has been so from the very beginning.

Post Format “Status”: Notice

The other post format that is a real classic is “Notice.” It’s used for a rather short information, and is contained within a bit of a frame to make it pop. You won’t miss it as you scroll across the front page feed. Historically this is what is used to tell of birth’s, death’s, marriages and such life altering events.

An Example of a Notice — Old Newspaper WordPress Theme
A typical example of a newspaper notice in a classic newspaper. Look at the “Coming events” box.

Post Format “Image”

If you want to show off your art, or maybe have a personal ad of some sorts, the image post type shows your image straight in the front page grid, with no meta information cluttering it.

One suggestion is that you search up an old image of an ad, and add it to your front page grid purely for cosmetic purposes. (The link is public domain, so you can use all those pictures legally.)

How to Use Post Formats (With Gutenberg)

After the Gutenberg editor update, we lost the ability to give custom names to the post formats. So until we can fix that, the standard names that WordPress uses are:

  • Aside = Breaking News
  • Standard = Standard
  • Status = Notice
  • Image = Image

You change them at the top of the right sidebar, as shown in the picture below.

Change article style in the right sidebar.

How to Use Post Formats (Without Gutenberg)

If you use an Old Newspaper WordPress Theme prior to v2.4, and you have a WordPress version without Gutenberg, it will feature our own classic names.

Selecting a Newspaper Article Style for Old Newspaper Article
This meta box will be available in the admin menu, and you simply select which newspaper article style you want.
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