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July 28, 1995 ·

Using image sizes the right way is key when wanting the Old Newspaper WordPress theme to look like an actual newspaper. As of version 2.2.1 we have made sure the images are retina ready and sized at the optimal edge of file size vs image clarity.

To not interfere with the WordPress defaults, we left them untouched and added our own sizes, so you have two additional sizes. Use these if you want the retina to glow.

The ONP Full size

For images that you want to span the entire width of your newspaper article, use our ONP Full size. This will ensure it both stretches all the way out, and contains extra pixels for retina screens.

If ONP Full doesn’t show up as an option, it is because the image you uploaded was originally smaller than the width of ONP Full. In that case you should use your image at full size instead.
Old Newspaper WordPress theme with retina ready pictures.
ONP Full size in action, covering the full width of the newspaper article and being retina ready.

Quick tip: Always center align the images that span the entire width of the article, otherwise it will act unexpectedly with the surrounding content.

The ONP Small size, floated left, right and centered

For the rest of the page we show off a few ONP Small images floated both left, right and centered. These will cover 50% of the article width both on mobile and on desktop.

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with retina ready pictures.
This is a left aligned ONP Small.

From here on we are using Lorem Ipsum dummy text, to show off different image alignments. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text, commonly used when designing before you have content.

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Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with retina ready pictures.
ONP Small, center aligned.

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Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with retina ready pictures.
Right aligned ONP Small size.

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Old Newspaper WordPress Theme with retina ready pictures.

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