Old Newspaper

A WordPress Theme Looking Like an Old Newspaper

Customizer Overview

September 1, 1933 ·

The custom setup of this theme is all tucked into the customizer – the proper way for a WordPress Theme to be customized. Here we go through each section and the available options.

Site Identity

Branding opportunity alert!

  • Add a logo image for the header, decide whether to show the slogan or not.
  • Choose between two header fonts if you don’t use a logo.
  • Add default Facebook Sharing image to be used when an image is not available on a page.
  • Add a custom site icon, used as a favicon and as an app icon if you save the site as a shortcut on your smartphone.

Theme Setup

It the Theme Setup section in the customizer, you now have three options.

  • Keep Widget Area In Dropdown: Uncheck this to have your widgets in a classic visible sidebar on every page of your site. Though on mobile it will always stay in dropdown anyhow.
  • Fix Header To Top: If you uncheck this, the header area will no longer stay fixed to the top when you scroll down, allowing for the articles to take up a bit more screen real estate.
  • First Post Is Larger: Uncheck this to have all posts in the front page post grid be the same size.
  • Show Featured Images On: Select where you want to see your featured images. Front Page, inside Article, or Both.

Post Setup

Changes that only affect the single post pages, are tucked in here, under the customizer -> Post Setup.

  • If you don’t feel like the pen icon above the comment section below each post fits your brand, you may turn it off.
  • Post Footer: You may have a little footer text below every article, stating your copyright or whatever is proper.

Color Schemes

Choose between the three color schemes in the customizer section.

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News­paper Post Formats

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Respon­sive Design

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Color Schemes

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features three distinct color schemes. You may go to the customizer (admin page -> Appearance -> Customize -> Color Schemes) to select and preview different color schemes for your theme. Gray (Default) A good fit fit…
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  • I would like to set up an OLD NEWSPAPER LOOK… but I don’t know if you program allow tho enter at the end of each article, to make a COMMENT, also to allow the person to post it on facebook OR OTHER SOCIAL and share the article with friends… also I will like to enter a POLL if I can add the following to the paper I will sign out with you my new TWO PAPER… one in ENGLISH and the other in SPANISH

    • It is definitely possible to write comments at the end of the articles.
      Social sharing (as in Facebook like and share buttons) is not integrated in the theme, but I am sure it is possible to make it happen with a plugin—here it is up to you to experiment. Otherwise, you can always share articles on Facebook by copy/pasting the link, and this theme’s articles are optimized for good looking social media sharing.
      We’ll never integrate a poll into the theme, but I am sure there are lots of both simple and free plugins available for this.