A WordPress Theme Looking Like an Old Newspaper

Color Schemes

October 3, 2016 ·

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features three distinct color schemes.

You change your scheme in the Customizer (admin page -> Appearance -> Customize -> Color Schemes) to select and preview different color schemes for your theme.

Gray (Default)

A good fit fit for most any old newspaper.


Going further back in history, we have those yellow oxidized papers that you may find in your grandparents’ box of memories.


The white is our attempt to create a completely neutral “color” scheme if you want a framework that says nothing, to present a content that says wow!

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News­paper Post Formats

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features two different post formats in addition to the standard — three in all. Each to resemble a real life newspaper article style. Post Format "Aside": Breaking News This style has a thick in-your-face typeface for…
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Image Sizes

Using image sizes the right way is key when wanting the Old Newspaper WordPress theme to look like an actual newspaper. As of version 2.2.1 we have made sure the images are retina ready and sized at the optimal edge…
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The Old News­­paper Word­­Press Theme, Second Edition, is Re­leased

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Gutenberg Blocks/Shortcodes

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The Theme features two menu locations. Main Menu The Main Menu is your large overview menu — your complete site map for your user. The Main Menu is prepared for 5 levels of sub menus, though it is highly recommended…

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