A WordPress Theme Looking Like an Old Newspaper



September 12, 2017 ·

The Theme features two menu locations. Main Menu The Main Menu is your large overview menu — your complete site map for your user. The Main Menu is prepared for 5 levels of sub menus, though it is highly recommended that you keep it much simpler than that for usability. It is always tucked away in the hamburger menu, so it is not main in the sense that it is most visible, but in that it is most comprehensible. Top… Read more.

Respon­sive Design

February 2, 2017 ·

It is no longer negotiable, except in very special cases; a web page should be responsive. That is, it should change appearance according to your screen width, in order to fit all kinds of devices from mobile phones to pads to huge screens. We have taken it a step further to ensure this WordPress them is really smooth. Read more.

News­paper Post Formats

January 5, 2017 ·

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features two different post formats in addition to the standard — three in all. Each to resemble a real life newspaper article style. Post Format "Aside": Breaking News This style has a thick in-your-face typeface for the titles, which is a really classic way of making a newspaper article pop. This style, of course, needed to be a part of the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme. Read more.

Color Schemes

October 3, 2016 ·

Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features three distinct color schemes. You change your scheme in the Customizer (admin page -> Appearance -> Customize -> Color Schemes) to select and preview different color schemes for your theme. Gray (Default) A good fit fit for most any old newspaper. Oxidized Going further back in history, we have those yellow oxidized papers that you may find in your grandparents' box of memories. White The white is our attempt to create a completely neutral “color”… Read more.

Image Sizes

July 28, 1995 ·

Using image sizes the right way is key when wanting the Old Newspaper WordPress theme to look like an actual newspaper. As of version 2.2.1 we have made sure the images are retina ready and sized at the optimal edge of file size vs image clarity. To not interfere with the WordPress defaults, we left them untouched and added our own sizes, so you have two additional sizes. Use these if you want the retina to glow. Read more.

Gutenberg Blocks/Shortcodes

June 21, 1995 ·

We made two Gutenberg Blocks that we think are essential for writing articles. They are also available as Shortcodes. The Gutenberg Blocks are in a Plugin Since we are going to use these on each and every theme we make, we packaged them as a free plugin. Download the Plugin After you've installed the plugin you will have the two blocks available in your block editor. "Lead" and "Note." The "Lead" and "Note" blocks that you see comes from our… Read more.

Perfect Newspaper Titles

January 4, 1949 ·

Old Newspaper titles are huge, and that is how they are supposed to be. In some situations, that may create some awkward word-breaks here and there. Here is how to control it in the unlikely event of an emergency. If you want to control where long words are hyphenated when they break, write ­ in the title. I have done this in the title about Huckleberry Finn. I broke it like Adven-ture, and Huckle-berry. Pull the browser on desktop to test. Read more.

Customizer Overview

September 1, 1933 ·

The custom setup of this theme is all tucked into the Customizer – the proper way for a WordPress Theme to be customized. Here we go through each section and the available options. Customizer -> Site Identity Branding opportunity alert! Site Title Font: Select the main font for the header. This will be overridden if you use a picture for a logo.Tagline Display: Display your tagline on mobile, desktop, or both.Upload Logo: Logo is going to replace your Site Title… Read more.