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Old Newspaper WordPress Theme Styles Demo
The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme

A newspaper WordPress Theme — simple, clean, and looking like a classic newspaper.

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme pulls the classic newspaper from the real world to the screen. We have worked hard to recreate every line, every typeface, every texture just to land a real newspaper on your screen. Most distinctly, the front page features that classic grid of articles and the banner headline.

With our simple pay once, use forever on one website license, you're set for a long time. And should you want renew it to a newer version at some time down the road, just contact us, and we offer discounted upgrade options to former ONP owners.

Get ready to sink into your chair and almost feel the paper between your fingers.

$45 | Pay once, use forever


Ten Newspaper Styles

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme features ten different color schemes and full styles, inspired by different newspaper styles, eras and paper qualities.

Gray, which is the default, for that real life feel of gray paper one often sees in a daily newspaper.

Rough Gray, as a grungier alternative to the above. WWII style rough gray paper.

Dark Gray, as a darker alternative to the above.

White, for you who want a bit more of a neutral, clean slate to write on.

Natural Paper, featuring the texture of thicker paper — perfect to use with the handwritten typefaces.

Cream Paper, for those of you who want your paper to lean more towards a diary style.

Oxidized, to emulate the style of those really old newspapers you may find in your grandparents shelves.

Space Style — a full blue metallic theme for news that take you straight to the moon.

Space Gray — a gray version of the Space Style, for a conservative approach.

Western Style — a grungier oxodized with old western style typefaces.


Old Newspaper WordPress Theme in Three Newspaper Styles

Four Newspaper Inspired Post Types

The four post types enables you to emulate the most recurring article types of a regular newspaper.

Standard, which is the default, for timeless serifs and the classic feel they bring.

Breaking News [Aside], to get those in-your-face big bold sans serif letters! Grab the attention!

Notice [Status], inspired by classic wedding & death notices from older style newspapers.

Image, for you to be able to drop in a piece of art or graphic, for example a classic ad picture that can't be reproduced with pure text.


Old Newspaper WordPress Theme Featuring Three Post Types

What do people say about Old Newspaper?

I was looking for a nice looking WordPress Theme to build my own private blog, and found the perfect one with Old Newspaper!

Dominik Wombacher

Sometimes it’s nice to have the look and feel of something classic… something that reminds you of another time and place. That essence is what Skylimit Productions has captured with their Old Newspaper theme. The theme’s presence and usability has earned it my 5 star rating.


It’s amazing. It’s clean and tidy and just works.

One of the better themes I’ve had the pleasure of developing with.


Their ‘Old Newspaper’ theme is, in my humble opinion the best out there without a doubt. The ease of use and styling refinements make it a real pleasure to use.


Additional Features

  • A characteristic classic newspaper article grid on the front page.
  • Simple layout with great emphasis on typography and reading experience.
  • Responsive Grid System and Infinite Scroll. Responsive means it is mobile ready.
  • Widget areas hidden away in the dropdown menu, but with the option to show them in a classic visible sidebar.
  • Boxed Mode. Optionally add a margin around your newspaper to make it pop even more.
  • Freedom of choice. Pick and mix between different typefaces and styles as you please.
  • Google Ads Ready. Just drop in the code snippets from Google (following our guide) and you're good to go. (See our demo for placements).
  • Take a look through the demo to see for yourself.

$45 | Pay once, use forever